09 Jul

Children Wall Stickers – My Son’s New Gift

Last Sunday I received a package from my best friend Kathy which made me so happy. I was so excited to unpack the parcel and then a surprise came to my eyes. The package was a gift that Kathy prepared for my son’s 9th birthday. And the gift was children wall stickers. Yes, I thought most of you are familiar with this innovative item since I have talked about it so many times. That is also why I call it a surprise! It was a children wall sticker with so many cute animal friends playing under the tree. The sticker is colorful and in cartoon style.

Kathy told me that she got this lovely nursery decor from a canada wall decal website, and she was telling me the installment on the note that came with the sticker, though I am so familiar with it.

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I immediately began to apply the stickers with my son in his room. First we cleaned up the walls and made sure there was no particles on the surface. Then we cut the stickers into many piece so that the installment would be easy. Then we pasted the piece of stickers onto the wall. The installment was quite simple and we all enjoyed it.

The animal children wall stickers turn my son’s room into a lovely and warm place. He loves it so much and spent a very happy birthday.

20 Jan

Quotes Wall Stickers

I just got a wonderful idea from houzz home of decorating the interior walls. That is to use love wall quotes. Yes, it is a king of wall decor in vinyl wall stickers with some quotes related to love.


As we all know, vinyl wall decals are becoming more and more popular in recent times, as they are affordable, and easy to apply. There are different various of styles and designs for the customers to choose from. For example, the wall studio is selling one of the best wall stickers on the Internet.


As for the love quote wall stickers, they can be used in the bedrooms to show the love between the two couples. For example, there is a love quote wall sticker who is saying: “You will forever be my always” to show how deeply the husband loves his wife. That sounds quite amazing and romantic, right? Even, on some wall sticker’s online shop like wall studio, the customers will be able to have their own quotes made into order. They may have their names on the love quote wall sticker to show the personality and the special love between the two. All in all, love quote wall stickers are much more sweet and romantic, and will definitely enhance the love of the lovers.

13 Nov

New Discovery at All Wall Decals Canada Shop

Last week, I visit an online wall decals shop named my wall decals shop, they changed their website to All Children Decals Canada now. I just can’t stop to glance over every images since there are many beautiful stickers. I found there are many different thematic types. There are children wall stickers for nursery, playroom or kindergarten. Such as, lovely animals, green trees wall sticker. There are also wall art for living-room. Simple designs and the family photo frame tree will be the great choice for the main activity area of the family. You even can create your own style with your family members and you will get more fun from it.

Moreover, I also found some office wall stickers and some great wall lettering. I really appreciate these meaningful wall quotes since there are wisdom words from distinguished people, funny words from humorous people and other great words, and so on.

I really love several items there, so I confused which I should choose. Then, I spent much time to choosing the products. At last, I choose a giraffe wall decal for my daughter’s room. This wall art is so special since it can be used for measuring height. Yes, It is a growth chart. Get this one, I will find and record every detail of my children. Do not miss their growing process and I will grow up with them. And I also choose a fresh photo frame tree for our living-room because I want to decorate our space with my children. And let them to create a harmonious atmosphere for our house. We will stick our photos up after applying this photo frame tree.

All in all, I think wall decals are great to decorating the interior. There are many merits you will find after you using. So, what are you waiting for? Please check out this site my wall decals shop to see more.

30 Jul

Outstanding Architecture Around The World

Architecture changes our lives, as we all know. They have made our whole world complete, gorgeous and modern. We can not live without these great buildings who are charming, huge and making up our street and road. Also, all around the world, there are a lot of outstanding architecture with so many special characteristics. They are more than a reflection of the talent and the diligence of our human beings. These fantastic architecture are in a sense the babies of these designers or architects. It is they that changed our lives and also our living world. It is they that changed even our earth and make our planet the most outstanding one among the universe.

1Looking around the whole world, there are so many many buildings that have become the landmarks of the local and even the country. The landmark of Australia can be said the Sydney Opera House. It was located in the capital of New South Wales in Australia, the Sydney. This omnibus arts center is regarded as the giant sculpture styled typical work in the history of modern architecture. The Sydney Opera House is the the symbolic building of Australia and was inscribed on the World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Sydney Opera House is not only the palace of the arts and culture of Sydney, it is even said to be the soul, the early morning, the dusk and the starry sky of Sydney. No matter you are walking around it, or just go sailing, the Sydney Opera House will at any moment show its different charming mien to you.

3Then let’s turn our eyes to the Asia. The second highest building in the world is Taipei 101 which is originally called Taipei Financial Center. It is 509 meters high and has 101 floors and 5 underground floors. Its English name Taipei 101 not only stands for the city, but also for technology, art, innovation, people, environment and identity. The Taipei 101 has merged together the eastern classical culture with the Taiwan local characteristics. Its sculpt is like a bamboo which means advancing continuously. Inside the Taipei 101, you will find a large shopping mall and the rest is the office building for other enterprises. If you want to have an overlook at the whole viewpoint of the city, you can go upstairs to the 91th floor.

5Last but surely not the least, I would like to talk about the greatest architecture in the whole world, that is the Great Wall in Beijing of China. It was built to resist the invasion of he northern nomadic tribal alliance in the ancient times. The Great Wall is 21 million meters long. It has fully reflected the wisdom and the diligence of the Chinese people and this great nation.

Architecture changes our world, and also changes our mind to move forward. Our human beings are always trying our best to work out the best works for our later generations, and it is a kind of inheritance. So just let this inheritance goes on.

25 Jul

Call Up Your Beautiful Memories

As we all know, memories are a good thing, and maybe the best of the things. We can not live without memories because it is a kind of mark of our past times. The past memories are so meaningful to everyone. Some are beautiful, and some are even a little bitter. While, all these have made of the whole of our past.

1-550x550Well, to keep the memories in mind is quite a nice thing. And we usually take photos to record these beautiful moments. We love photos, and it is a pleasant process to watch our old photos and call up the old memories. Today, I want to highly introduce a new way of “calling up our memories”. We often keep beautiful memories in the album, while what I am going to highly recommend is a kind of new album that we may see it every day in our house. It is called the vinyl photo frame decals.

3-550x550Yes, it is the vinyl decals again. While, today’s recommendation is quite interesting. It is the photo frame that we may put up onto the walls as well as our beautiful memory photos.

I think you may still remember the vinyl decals I have mentioned before. Vinyl is a kind of chemical group that is widely used in our daily life. So it is completely harmless to our health. Compared with other traditional wall decors, vinyl decals are much safer to apply in our house, especially in the nursery room or the rooms for our grandparents. Also, vinyl decals are removable and reusable. If you are tired of the decals on your wall for a few years, you may peel it off and do not worry if they will damage your walls or leave any sticky residues on it.

4-550x550I have mentioned before that the installment of the vinyl decals is quite simple that you just peel off the back paper and paste. That’s it! No other tools are needed to apply during the installing.

94AB-1-550x550As for the photo frame wall decals, they are quite meaningful and creative. It is so brilliant to have photo frame wall decals at your house since you may hang up your best photos in your own space. There selling large tree photo frame decals which is more like a family tree. You may put your family photos on the tree and show your love and happy hours you spent together to your guests. And it will surely add more love, warm and sweet to your entire family.

ZY1007-550x550Vinyl photo frame decals are so meaningful to have at your house. And the beautiful memories on the walls will remind you of the happy times and unforgettable things you have spent with your families, friends or someone you love. So just apply some in your own space to call up your beautiful memories in such a special way.

18 Jul

Turn Your Interior Walls Into An Art Gallery

When we are going to decorate our new house, or renovate the old one, I bet the interior walls are always one of the important part. As it the data displays, the area of the interior walls is two thirds of the ares of your interior floor. That is why people pay much more attention and creativity to their wall decoration. And that is also why in recent times there are more and more interior wall decors coming out in the market for the customers to choose from.

5Besides the traditional wall decors such as wallpapers or wall coverings and varnish emulsion, today I want to talk about and introduce an innovative wall decors for you. They will surely make your interior different and nice.

1The wall decor I am going to recommend is called the vinyl wall stickers. They are a kind of art wall decors that will definitely turn your house into an art gallery. Vinyl wall art stickers have soon shared a lot of popularity once they come out and are boosting their easy installment, being removable and affordable as well as the different kinds of patterns and styles.

3Unlike other wall decors, applying the vinyl wall stickers just needs you to first clean the surface to make sure there is no particles on it and then peel off the back paper of the sticker. Put it up onto the surface to finish the installment. That is quite simple, right? And it is also easy to peel off the stickers on the walls since they are completely removable and you do not have to worry about the damages they will cause for your walls.

2Besides the easy installment, vinyl wall art stickers are also environmentally friend. The substance vinyl is a kind of chemical group which is widely applied in our daily life. So it is totally harmless to our health and you can easily use them in your nursery or the rooms for the elders. You and your children may have a lot of fun and cheers in the process of the installment and it may also practice your son’s manipulative ability.

4Why they called the art stickers? Of course the vinyl wall stickers are something artistic. You can easily find the plant wall stickers on the sticker’s online shops or in the decal store. The green and fresh treed and glass as well as the beautiful and colorful flowers will surely add a lot of life and vitality to your own space. Also, there is a category especially designed for children, that is nursery wall stickers. Your kids will surely love the cute and lovely animal friends as well as the innovative educational wall stickers, and will gain a lot of interest and joy during their learning through the educational wall stickers. Photo frame wall stickers are a kind of new category, which enables you to hang up your best photos with your beautiful memories in the past with your families or friends.

7Anyway, the advantages of the vinyl wall art stickers are more than we could say. But the most important thing is that your interior walls need them, and just pick up to bring your own space a sense of vitality and pureness.

15 Jul

Nursery Decoration For Kids In Different Stages

Children are the sweetheart of a family, and they are growing up very fast. I think the most happiest thing for the parents is to see their son or daughter growing up from a baby to an elder children. So their first responsibility is to build up a kind ambiance for their growing up. In every house, there is one or some nursery or kid’s room. How to decorate them should attract much more attention from the parents compared with their bedrooms or other spaces.

4As the children are growing up very fast, when you are going to decorate their room, things should be fully considered about especially the safety problem and the settings of their rooms.

1For the babies at the age of zero to four, the safety problem is more important since they just start to learn to walk and do thing alone. As they are learning to walk, the floors are the most areas they frequently act. So it is very important to choose the safe and appropriate floor decorating materials. It is suggested that solid wood floors are the best choice for the nursery since it will be comfortable to walk on and they are even environmentally friendly.

2What’s more, the kids at zero to four are very sensitive to the external environment, they show high interest in complicated shapes, bright colors and visually deep images. So the walls of the nursery can be live, but had better not full of different colors.

3Thinking about the long term, you should first consider about the functions your nursery is supposed to maintain. As we all know, nursery is the place where the kids spend almost of their time sleeping, playing, studying and entertaining. The room can be divided into such parts to decorate.

5Choosing the suitable bed for your kids is quite necessary as they are growing up very fast in their height. Inappropriate bed may lead to some bad influence for your children’s development. Then pick up some lovely or their favorite furniture to fill in the nursery. Where they are studying, playing and even reading books should be partitioned. Above all, the very problem you should keep in mind will always be the safety problem. Try the best to select the safest material for your nursery.

6Every family loves their children, and want to build up a kind and warm ambiance for them. Well, before getting it done, just take full consideration about these details so that you can make your nursery kind, safe and comfortable.

30 Jun

Interior Decoration Styles

There are a lot of decoration styles for the interior since everyone has different tastes. The most important thing for decorating a new house first is to choose the most appropriate decorating style for your house. You may choose according to your own preference. Under the different cultural backgrounds as well as the different opinions on design, there prevails a large variety of decoration styles for your interior house. And today let’s have a detailed look at some of them.

dfghjFirst of all, let’s come to modern decorating style. The main feature of this decorating style is the combination of curves and asymmetric lines, such as peduncle, grape vines, the wings of the insects and other beautiful images in nature. The lines are much softer and graceful. Also, modern decorating style frequently applies glass, tiles and iron crafts in the interior to enhance the exchange between the interior and the outdoor.

ertyhjNext let’s come to the countryside decorating style. This style emphasizes the reflection of the nature. Different countryside has different characteristics of nature and beauty. It pays much attention to delicate fabrics and hand made crafts. The countryside decorating style advocates to come back to nature and the combination between the nature and the reality. In the interior, designers are trying to represent the feeling to leisure, comfort and freshness.

00nnnThirdly, we just come to the Japanese decorating style. This decorating style originally stemmed from the type style in the early times of Japan, combining with the special wooden architecture. The shaping of the space is quite simple. The layout of the furniture centers on the tea table. Compared with the decorative features, Japanese decorating style focus more on it practicability.

4r5tyLast but not the least, we are going to talk about a new kind of decorating style which is called mix and match style. It has become more and more popular in recent years because of its freedom to apply the colors, styles and decors for the interior decoration. It not only emphasizes on the practicability but also absorb the traditional decorating style. But the mix and match style should be suitable for your whole house, or it will look like a mess.

1As for decorating styles for the interior, there is more than we can say. However, the most necessary thing is to consider the most appropriate style for your own space according to your preference. If you are also fond of interior design and decoration or have something you would love to talk about, please feel free to contact us so that we can exchange your brilliant ideas and also share them with our readers. Thank you very much for reading!